The Legal Guidance You Need In Juvenile Court And Dependency Proceedings

Practicing In Gwinnett County And The Surrounding Areas

At our law office in Lawrenceville, we offer children, their parents and third parties the skilled and dedicated legal counsel they need in matters of juvenile delinquency, dependency and termination of parental rights.

Our lead attorney, Margaret Gettle Washburn, has practiced law for over 35 years. She is a former prosecutor and currently sits as Chief Judge for the city of Sugar Hill. She is also a trained guardian ad litem, and in this capacity, she represents children's interests in disputed domestic law cases. She — as well as other members of our team — has an in-depth understanding of the juvenile code of Georgia, and we use this to the advantage of our clients.

Protect Your Rights And Those Of Your Children Or Grandchildren

Our experienced lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of the rights of minors and parents in Georgia. We have handled a wide range of cases over several decades, and we are prepared to help you address any number of sensitive legal issues involving children, including:

  • Dependency. When a child is suspected of being deprived of basic needs, abused or put in harm's way by his or her guardians, any adult can file a dependency complaint with the Division of Family and Children Services or a juvenile court.
  • Termination of parental rights. We represent parents who must defend their parental rights as well as grandparents and other third parties who are concerned about the well-being of children, or need to terminate parental rights for the purposes of adoption.
  • Delinquency. When children have been accused of acts that would be crimes were they adults, they can be charged with delinquency. Under the juvenile code of Georgia, children are entitled to be represented by an attorney when they face juvenile court. Our experienced criminal defense lawyers represent juveniles.
  • Children in need of services. In these cases, children are accused of "unruly" behavior such as skipping school, running away or violating curfew. We provide skilled legal counsel to those involved in CHINS cases.

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