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This summer, don't take a vacation from custody responsibilities

In our last post, we looked at some crucial dos and don'ts for parents who are going through the process of establishing and complying with a plan for child custody. While those tips are important at any time of the year, there are some that can be especially relevant during the summer.

The biggest obstacle that many people face in the summer is scheduling. Parent still work, but the kids are out of school, which can make it very difficult to adjust to new pickup and drop-off schedules. There are also summer vacations to consider, which can require some changes to an established routine.

In terms of the kids being out of school, parents will need to figure out how to care for them during the weekdays. If both parents work and there is no one at home to watch the kids, parents may need to think about daycare or a regular babysitter, which are both added expenses that should be discussed in initial parenting plans. If one parent can stay at home with them, schedules may need to be adjusted so that the other parent still has the appropriate amount of parenting time.

Vacations and camps can also impact custody schedules. Typically, these events cannot be rescheduled and aren't planned on a whim. This means that parents should be open and clear with each other and the children about their plans. Kids need to know that whether they are at camp, on a trip with one parent or staying elsewhere because a parent is traveling, they are safe and taken care of.

In the event that plans change, which can certainly happen, being upfront with notifying the other parent is essential. As noted in this article, failure to do so could lead to legal action and penalties.

Summer schedules can complicate matters when it comes to child custody and visitation. However, parents should remember that complying with the custody plan, keeping communication lines open and focusing on the well-being of their children are things that can make the transition into summer a little easier for everyone.

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