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July 2015 Archives

Grandma and Grandpa: know your rights when it comes to custody

Becoming a grandparent can be an enormously joyful time in anyone's life. Many grandparents love to dote on their grandchildren and spoil them with affection. However, for some grandparents, taking care of their grandkids means much more than giving them treats or spending time with them on the weekends.

Protect your assets and yourself in your divorce

If you are getting divorced, one of your main concerns likely has something to do with financial stability once you are no longer married. Assets and money can take on a whole new level of importance once they are going to be divided, so they are often at the center of any divorce.

Disputes over embryos heads to court

Child custody can be a particularly upsetting topic of discussion for parents who are getting divorced or were never married to begin with. In most cases, parents find it difficult to be objective because of the negative feelings they may be harboring for an ex. Rather than focusing on what's best for the children, many parents focus on punishing the other parent.

Failure to comply with state laws can jeopardize an adoption

Long before people adopt a child, they typically go through a process of planning, preparing and positioning themselves to add to their family. They may redo a room in their homes or buy a bigger house; they may review their finances and start setting aside money for college; they might even go seek counseling to understand some of the emotional and psychological challenges that can come with adoption.

Child custody and shared custody: handling a hard situation

When a divorce is imminent, one of the first things that you think about is the children involved. You will have to co-parent with a person that your kids adore and that you don't want to be around anymore. It seems simple enough; but you may not see eye-to-eye with your ex-spouse about child rearing.

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