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Grandma and Grandpa: know your rights when it comes to custody

Becoming a grandparent can be an enormously joyful time in anyone's life. Many grandparents love to dote on their grandchildren and spoil them with affection. However, for some grandparents, taking care of their grandkids means much more than giving them treats or spending time with them on the weekends.

In some cases, grandparents need or feed the need to step in and be a more stable or permanent caregiver. In these situations, legal guidance and representation can be crucial.

Grandparents are not always welcomed into the lives of their grandkids. Parents can be at odds with the grandparents and feel that they should not be around the kids. In these situations, there may not be a lot a grandparent can do to change this.

However, under circumstances, grandparents do have the right to pursue visitation or custody. If there is a concern for the safety or well-being of the children or if parents divorce, pass away or are incarcerated, grandparents may need to take legal action in order to enforce their rights to spend time with the children.

Because the rights of grandparents can vary based on the unique details of a specific situation, it would be wise to consult an attorney if you have questions or concerns about the rights of grandparents in Georgia. Seeking custody and visitation can be a difficult and contentious process for anyone and mistakes that are made can be quite costly. An attorney who is familiar with child custody laws and grandparents' rights can help people avoid missteps that could jeopardize custody, parental rights or the best interests of the child.

If you are currently struggling with issues involving a grandparent's right to custody and visitation, we encourage you to visit our law firm's website to learn more about how we may be able to help.

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