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August 2015 Archives

Adultery can make a significant impact on Georgia divorces

Recent news regarding the release of sensitive information on subscribers to Ashley Madison shook millions of couples who learned of their spouse's desire to have an extramarital affair. If you are dealing with this situation, you may be considering your options for divorce.

Divorce in Georgia: Does it matter if one spouse is to blame?

Making the decision to divorce is typically not something that people do overnight. There can be months or even years during which spouses are battling complicated obstacles and butting heads. Sadly, there are some factors or behaviors that cannot be undone and reconciliation proves to be impossible.

What you should know about property division laws in Georgia

There is no doubt that divorce can be one of the most difficult events in a person's life due to the extreme emotions that can come with the end of a marriage. However, another reason it can be so difficult is that most people are going through it for the first time.

I'm unhappy with my custody or support order. Can I change it?

Whenever two people get divorced, the goal is typically to just get through the process and try to focus on moving forward. Even though it can be painful and difficult to untangle your life and finances from each other, the fact that there is a light at the end of the tunnel can be very reassuring. That is true for most aspects of a divorce. That is, unless you are parents.

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