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Can my child or spousal support payments be modified?

It can be easy to think that as soon as your divorce is finalized, you can cut all ties with an ex and go your separate ways. While this may largely be true, you may still be financially connected if you have an order for spousal or child support in place. 

These support orders can be in place for several years or even indefinitely which means that there can be a great deal of time between when you finalize a divorce and when you are no longer tied to an ex. During this time, there is the potential for significant changes in your life, your ex's life and your child's life which can prompt questions about if and how support orders can be modified.

Orders for spousal and/or child support can certainly be modified, but only in the event that significant changes make an existing order no longer appropriate. Significant changes could include job promotions or job loss, getting remarried, serious injury leading to temporary or permanent disability or death.

In order to secure a modification, you will need to go through the proper legal channels. As is the case with other family legal issues, you may find that you and your ex can come to an agreement on modification through mediation. In other cases, you may need to go to court to have an order modified. In either case, your attorney can help guide you through the process. 

Not every request for modification will be approved so it is essential that original support orders be fulfilled and enforced as much as possible. Failure to do this could get the person responsible for paying in some legal hot water that only makes matters worse. In order to protect yourself and stay in compliance with court orders, it can be crucial to speak with your attorney about modification sooner rather than later.

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