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November 2015 Archives

How do I get child support payments caught up?

Family law covers a lot of territory. It doesn't just include divorce and separation but can address child custody, alimony and even child support. Knowing what the rules and laws of Georgia are is of paramount importance when you are considering a divorce that could have many issues. Child support is one of the hottest topics when you are divorced. If your ex-spouse is not paying child support there are steps that need to be taken.

Same-sex couple adoption case brought to US Supreme Court

Bringing a child into your life and family through adoption is an incredible event and adoptive parents can be overwhelmed with joy and anxiety, as is the case for any parent. However, there are some additional concerns adoptive parents need to consider when it comes to their relationship with their child.

Staying focused on the present can help during divorce

If you are going through a divorce, chances are you are feeling some amount of insecurity and fears about what the future will look like. You may also be focused on figuring out what went wrong in your marriage or what you or your ex could have done differently.

Financial infidelity: what it is, what it can mean in a divorce

There is an old saying that "money can't buy happiness." While that may certainly be true, money can be the cause of significant unhappiness, particularly when it comes to marriage. Money -- whether people don't have enough or they have dramatically different spending habits -- is a very common source of contention between spouses. In fact, many people cite financial problems as a top reason for divorce.

What will happen to our home in a divorce?

A marital home is one of the most significant assets many couples in Georgia own. In fact, for many people, it is the most significant asset. People put a lot of money, time and energy into owning a home which means that the investment isn't just financial. A marital home can also come with a lot emotional value.

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