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How do I get child support payments caught up?

Family law covers a lot of territory. It doesn't just include divorce and separation but can address child custody, alimony and even child support. Knowing what the rules and laws of Georgia are is of paramount importance when you are considering a divorce that could have many issues. Child support is one of the hottest topics when you are divorced. If your ex-spouse is not paying child support there are steps that need to be taken.

If the court ordered your spouse to pay child support and he or she is not complying, your first step is to file a contempt action in court. The parent who is missing payments is now in contempt of court. He or she can be made to pay all that is due including the cost of the legal action you had to take.

Another avenue that you can take to get your child support payments up to date is to file an income deduction order. This is the most efficient method to use. This makes it possible for the non-custodial parent's employer to deduct from the paycheck of the person who owes money. If you have a child support order and it doesn't have this remedy in one of the paragraphs, you can go back to court and get this language added. Of course, you need to have legal advice so that you don't leave out important language in other parts of the filing.

The Georgia Department of Human Resources is the agency to contact to get the court order enforced. Specifically, the Child Support Enforcement Division can help. Also, having an experienced attorney by your side can be an enormous help at a time like this.

Source: Georgia Legal Aid, "Enforcing Child Support," accessed Nov. 23, 2015

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