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February 2016 Archives

Protecting finances in a Georgia divorce

While it can be beneficial to retain legal counsel to help with a divorce, it may also be worthwhile to have the assistance of a financial adviser as well. Doing so may make it possible to craft a settlement that makes the most sense as it relates to an individual's money. Although an individual may want the marital home in a settlement, if the other spouse takes out a loan secured by the property, whoever owns it could be upside down without knowing it.

Couples may feel contradictory emotions after a divorce

It is not uncommon for people to feel sad when they decide to end their marriage, but there are a number of other emotions that individuals are likely to feel during and after a divorce. In some cases, someone may feel contradictory emotions, such as relief one minute and regret the next. People who share custody with their ex may have mixed emotions about the freedom to spend time away from their children and guilt about the same.

Simple steps to protect those who are seeking a divorce

Georgians can help prevent being taken advantage of during a divorce by following a few simple guidelines. Getting advice from a reliable divorce attorney is an important step to ensuring a fair process. An attorney can make sure that the opposing legal team is not drafting documents that significantly favor their client. It is also important for a divorcing individual to know his or her financial situation and make copies of any important documents.

The importance of establishing paternity

Sharing a child with someone to whom you are not married can be an overwhelming challenge. There can be contentious fights and battles over parenting time and how to raise a child. Even when parents get along with each other, there can be feelings of uneasiness and an underlying fear that it won't take much to rock the boat.

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