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Couples may feel contradictory emotions after a divorce

It is not uncommon for people to feel sad when they decide to end their marriage, but there are a number of other emotions that individuals are likely to feel during and after a divorce. In some cases, someone may feel contradictory emotions, such as relief one minute and regret the next. People who share custody with their ex may have mixed emotions about the freedom to spend time away from their children and guilt about the same.

Individuals going through a divorce may also be surprised to find that they have no intention of getting married again. Sometimes this is a feeling that persists months or even years after a divorce. There are a number of reasons for this, including not wanting to get into another bad relationship or simply wanting to wait for the right person.

Those who go through a divorce may be surprised to find that they miss their former in-laws. Familial bonds are often created when a couple is married, and some feel it is too awkward to stay in contact with an ex-spouse's family after a divorce.

It is all too easy for emotions to cloud people's thinking when they are ending their marriage. Individuals may want to seek assets that have little value but have emotional connections or to hang on to a family home that they cannot afford, and these types of actions are liable to put a person in a poor financial state following the dissolution of their marriage. In this regard, the assistance of a family law attorney can be important during the negotiations of a property settlement agreement.

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