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Simple steps to protect those who are seeking a divorce

Georgians can help prevent being taken advantage of during a divorce by following a few simple guidelines. Getting advice from a reliable divorce attorney is an important step to ensuring a fair process. An attorney can make sure that the opposing legal team is not drafting documents that significantly favor their client. It is also important for a divorcing individual to know his or her financial situation and make copies of any important documents.

In the same way that people need to know about their general finances, they should be aware of all types of debt they hold. In some cases, there are debts that one or both parties did not even realize existed. Even if one spouse has never taken responsibility for the couple's finances, an individual understanding of money management is important when it comes to navigating life after divorce.

Reaching out for help when necessary is a good skill to have when going through a divorce. From consulting with an accountant to asking questions of a divorce lawyer, getting help can make the process less overwhelming. It is also important to learn about the various tax laws that affect shared and individually owned property. Divorcing individuals should also remember to make decisions with their heads rather than caving in to a spouse simply out of guilt or exhaustion.

Divorce can be complicated and often emotional process. A divorce lawyer can help prevent emotions from taking over by providing sound legal advice to a divorcing individual. A lawyer may also be able to assist with drafting child custody agreements, spousal support documentation and post-divorce modifications.

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