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March 2016 Archives

Emotional needs of children during a divorce

When Georgia parents decide they must end their marriage, the whole family experiences an onslaught of feelings. Children are literally caught in the middle, and their emotions can take many directions during the sometimes lengthy process of making a divorce final. Parents should reach out to their children with reassuring messages. Care must also be taken to develop a new parenting routine.

Estate planning and divorce

The end of a marriage tends to involve a lot of emotion, drama and paperwork. It is no wonder why people may be so drained after the process has been completed that post-divorce estate planning is ignored or forgotten. However, this is a mistake that individuals should avoid at all costs or a former spouse may end up with assets under an existing estate planning document. The first step that divorced Georgia residents should take is to revise their will to remove the former spouse as an heir, unless the testator wants to keep that outcome.

The effect of a divorce on retirement

It is very common for Georgia residents who divorce to face a completely new financial situation. They will often be required to pay for 100 percent of their living expenses and on a single income, whereas during the marriage, these expenses were probably split and covered by two incomes. However, when people who are older divorce, the financial impact can be even greater.

Handling divorce court in Georgia

While avoiding litigation may be the goal in some Georgia divorce cases, it is not always avoidable. Couples may have issues that simply cannot be resolved through alternate dispute resolution methods. Those who do go to court may want to take some time to prepare themselves for what to expect and how to get the best result in any potential decision.

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