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Emotional needs of children during a divorce

When Georgia parents decide they must end their marriage, the whole family experiences an onslaught of feelings. Children are literally caught in the middle, and their emotions can take many directions during the sometimes lengthy process of making a divorce final. Parents should reach out to their children with reassuring messages. Care must also be taken to develop a new parenting routine.

Many children when confronted by the reality of divorce will feel that their safety and security are at risk. To counter this natural reaction, parents should tell their children that they are loved. Because a couple sometimes goes through a prolonged period of tension or outright separation before the divorce, children could experience great uncertainty about their futures.

Once the divorce becomes official, some children feel relieved. Their future is no longer up in the air, and a path forward in their lives has opened up. Disappointment, however, will afflict some children who had been hoping for their parents to reconcile. Throughout this period of adjustment, parents should give each child individual attention. Caring parental support could eventually guide the children past their difficult emotions toward a new life free of parental unhappiness in the home.

Elements of the divorce process could enable a parent to prepare a strategy for maintaining a supportive relationship with children. A family law attorney might assist a divorcing client with the negotiations necessary to develop a co-parenting plan. The scheduling of custody and visitations could be worked out with an attorney who could strive to keep discussions focused on the needs of the children and not old parental hostilities.

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