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Altering child custody plans in the summer

Regardless of what time of year it is, Georgia parents who are divorcing must think about summertime and their children. A regular parenting schedule likely needs adjustments once there is no school, and both parents may want to take trips and spend more time with their kids.

Plans for the summer will change as a child grows up, but it is still important to put as much detail as possible into an agreement to prevent conflict even when a child is a baby and no big adjustments are needed. Parents should keep in mind all the other things that might be going on in their child's life when growing older like sports, social events, summer camps and other activities.

If accommodations are made in the parenting plan for the summer, parents may need to find out if and how a child support order might change. Though the time a child spends with each parent may be different during the summer, this does not mean one can stop paying. Alternatively, the parent with more physical custody must remember that the other parent still has a right to parenting time and cannot simply decide to go on an extended vacation with the child without the other parent's consent.

A divorce involving parents of young children has the potential to cause disputes over and above the normal dissolution. When the parties can agree on custody and visitation issues, they can avoid having these decisions made by a judge who will likely have little awareness of the particular family dynamics. A comprehensive parenting plan negotiated by the couple's respective family law attorneys can address these issues in a time-saving and cost-effective manner.

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