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Using social media responsibly during divorce

Georgia residents who are ending their marriages should be careful about their social media usage. Navigating social media during a divorce can be particularly stressful for both emotional and legal reasons.

Most people are familiar with the phenomenon of how social media makes others' lives look so much happier and more glamorous than they really are. What can be mildly annoying under normal circumstances can be much more painful for a person going through a divorce. People should limit their time on social media if they find it is affecting them in this way.

Limited time on social media also reduces the likelihood of doing something ill-advised like venting about the soon-to-be-ex-spouse. People should keep in mind that their coworkers, friends and families, including any children, will see the post. As good as it may feel, doing so can backfire and be more damaging to the poster than to the other spouse.

People should also be careful about posting misleading photos on social media. They might genuinely be struggling financially, but photos that imply an expensive vacation could put a request for lower alimony in jeopardy. Similarly, great parents could have their bid for custody derailed by photos that makes them look like a partier.

The emotional devastation of divorce can result in a person having poor judgment about more than just social media. For example, a person might feel guilty about initiating the divorce and want to get it over with quickly. As a result, they might acquiesce to all of their spouse's demands. People could find themselves in financial trouble after the divorce and without the safety net of a retirement account or other assets acquired during the marriage. An attorney can often help a client set aside emotions and make better choices for the post-divorce future.

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