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Understanding divorce rules in Georgia

As state laws dictate divorce, there are a variety of rules that may govern the process depending on where an individual lives. For instance, Rhode Island requires residents to live in the state for a year before they can file for divorce while Alaska has no residency requirement. There may also be requirements that the couple be separated for a period of time, and the amount varies from state to state.

Common co-parenting challenges

Divorced parents living in Georgia may want to work out a shared custody arrangement so that their children can spend equal time with both of them. While co-parenting often sounds like the best plan for everyone involved, it can be very challenging in practice. When parents cannot communicate with each other effectively while sharing custody, court orders may be needed to enforce the plan.

Steps to take in a divorce

Georgia couples whose marriages are foundering should consider how their financial situation will be affected. With some divorces costing quite a bit of money, it is important to understand what is ahead. This means gathering financial information, photocopying documents and photographing all possessions to start. Next, a person should speak with an attorney. It should be an attorney who handles these types of matters instead of a friend whose work is in other areas of the law.

The legal issues surrounding a child support dispute

Two of the legal issues that can arise when parents end their marriage are child custody and child support. These issues can also lead to a dispute requiring the intervention of a Georgia court to resolve in situations in which the parties are not married. When this happens, establishing paternity of the child is the first step in resolving the dispute.

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