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Common co-parenting challenges

Divorced parents living in Georgia may want to work out a shared custody arrangement so that their children can spend equal time with both of them. While co-parenting often sounds like the best plan for everyone involved, it can be very challenging in practice. When parents cannot communicate with each other effectively while sharing custody, court orders may be needed to enforce the plan.

One of the biggest challenges divorced parents face while sharing child custody is maintaining an amicable relationship with each other. Co-parenting requires a lot of coordination and communication between parents, and this can be very difficult when parents hold strong resentments against each other.

When divorced parents aren't able to put their differences aside and communicate calmly with each other, a co-parenting schedule could have a lot of problems. If one parent doesn't pick their child up at the designated time, takes their child on vacation without consulting the other parent or forgets to bring their child to sports practice, these actions can confuse the child. In some cases, a parent may be so angry with the other parent that they talk openly about their ill feelings around the child. This behavior can sabotage a child's relationship with their parent and create more custody problems.

A divorced parent may want to have the assistance of a family law attorney to negotiate a detailed co-parenting plan. Such a plan may cover parenting time as well as variations from the usual schedule during special holidays, birthdays and vacations. An attorney can also be helpful if court intervention is necessary to enforce the plan's terms.

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