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June 2016 Archives

Guidelines for social media use during divorce

Georgia couples who are going through a divorce should watch their social media usage as well as their email and texting. These may be subpoenaed, and attorneys advise not putting anything in writing that a person is not comfortable revealing in court. One man posted about an expensive vacation and his job online after claiming that he did not have a job. His request for alimony was denied.

Quick settlement predicted in Johnny Depp divorce

Georgia movie fans may know that Johnny Depp's wife Amber Heard filed for divorce on May 23 shortly after Depp's 81-year-old mother passed away. Media coverage of the celebrity breakup has been high but more muted than what surrounds some A-list divorces. Many observers believe that this is more likely due to California's community property laws rather than any respect for Depp's privacy during a time of grief. Most feel that Depp and Heard will reach a quick and private settlement.

Clash of documents in immigrant's divorce case

Prenuptial agreements could protect both parties in case of a divorce, but there are some instances where prenups are not valid or their provisions not upheld by a court. Georgia couples might like to know about a case in California where another document took precedence over a prenup.

Parenting after a divorce

Many married couples in Georgia have found cause to dissolve their relationship, and in many cases the separation is complete. Once the formalities of legal dissolution have been completed and the intricacies of property distribution are navigated, there may be little cause for the divorced couple to have any contact with each other ever again. This is usually not the case when they have young children, however. Co-parenting a child remains a commitment even after a divorce.

How to modify child support in Georgia

When an individual changes jobs, his or her child support payments do not automatically change to reflect changes in income. However, if an individual is making less in a new job, that person may ask for a child support modification to decrease the amount of required payments. Conversely, a custodial parent may ask that payments be increased if the other parent starts making more at a new job.

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