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Guidelines for social media use during divorce

Georgia couples who are going through a divorce should watch their social media usage as well as their email and texting. These may be subpoenaed, and attorneys advise not putting anything in writing that a person is not comfortable revealing in court. One man posted about an expensive vacation and his job online after claiming that he did not have a job. His request for alimony was denied.

Often, people inadvertently share information on social media. They might say their income is low, but their social media postings might reveal that they are spending a lot of money. People might also assume that their blocked spouse cannot see their social media postings, but they should keep in mind that others may post things that may be revealing. For example, a mutual friend might post photos that are visible to the blocked spouse.

One attorney found that his client's spouse had a side business that had not been reported. When he discovered it on LinkedIn, he was able to get more in child support for the client. People should avoid setting up dating profiles. Doing so also raises the possibility of accidentally revealing too much information, and it may make it look like a person was cheating. Child custody determinations could also be affected by negative information on social media.

An attorney may caution a client about indiscretions such as these during a divorce. People do not always act with the best judgment at this time, and unfortunately, this can have far-reaching effects on their long-term financial security. With the assistance of an attorney, a person might be able to put aside emotional issues and focus on negotiating about property division and child custody. If a couple cannot agree on these issues, they may have to go to court and have a judge decide.

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