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Options for divorces in Georgia

Many Georgia couples who are considering ending their marriages believe that the process always involves bitter litigation through court. While litigating issues in court may be necessary in some cases, people do have other options.

When couples are able to get along and can agree on how to divide their property and make mutually agreeable decisions regarding their children and any issues regarding child and spousal support, it is possible through uncontested divorce to draft the paperwork and their agreement and file them with the court for the court's approval. This obviates the need to fight battles through court.

Other divorce options include collaborative divorces and divorce mediation. In divorce mediation, the spouses meet with a trained mediator who understands how to facilitate agreements on disputed issues. If a couple is able to reach an agreement through mediation, the agreement is then drafted and submitted to the court to become part of the order when the decree is issued. Collaborative divorce involves a couple meeting with a team of professionals, including attorneys for both spouses, a mental health professional and a financial adviser. Each of these professionals brings their experiences in their particular areas to help craft an agreement that represents the best interests of all who are involved.

In some cases, the legal issues involved in divorces may necessitate litigation rather than going through an alternative process. For example, if there is a history of domestic violence, it may not be a good idea to try to work together to reach agreements regarding child custody and spousal support. For other people, an alternative to litigation may help to resolve all of the outstanding issues in an expedient manner. In order for individuals to learn more about their options, they often consult family law attorneys.

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