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Divorce and migration

Migration, which in this context refers to an individual living in one state for a year and then in a different one the next year, has been slowing. In fact, Americans are relocating to different states at only half the rate they did 50 years ago. Georgia residents may want to know that divorce and child custody matters have been contributing factors in the decrease of migration.

Various reasons have been offered to account for the substantial decline in migration. However, none of the explanations have been sufficient. For example, it has been suggested that the growing aging population and longer life expectancy were factors, but age seems to have no bearing on the possibility of moving. A rise in home ownership was another theory that was offered, but research shows that for the last 20 years the rates of home ownership have been constant. Only the decisions surrounding divorce and child custody arrangements and the complexity of family life have been able to explain the current migration trend.

One of the assumptions of migration research is that divorcees will move away from each other. Based on targeted research that examined the demographic information for periods following divorces, it has been shown that people who divorce and also have children tend to not relocate to another state.

Another reason divorce and child custody affects migration is that joint custody is now typically rewarded during divorces, and both parties often remain in the same state in order maintain custody. This is a change from when it was the norm to award custody to mothers, and fathers would relocate and see their children periodically.

Whether or not a party wants to move to relocate can affect divorce and child custody decisions. A divorce attorney should be consulted to determine if relocation is a wise choice.

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