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September 2016 Archives

Child custody and domestic violence myths may harm families

There are a few significant misconceptions that surround child custody and domestic violence cases in Georgia and across the United States. One prevalent myth is that a parent accused of domestic violence is automatically precluded from obtaining custody of a child.

Why prenuptial agreements are good for many couples

For many couples in Georgia who are looking to get married, a prenuptial agreement could make sense. In a divorce, it may be possible for a judge to divide assets equitably as well as require the person with more money to provide support to the other party in the marriage. However, with a prenuptial or even postnuptial agreement, there may be more predictability as to what happens to assets after a separation.

How divorce may affect college savings

Sometimes, parents set up a college savings account for their children, but if the parents divorce, each one may worry about the account being vulnerable. For example, one parent might be concerned that the other parent will use the account for their own purposes or will give the money to children in a future relationship. If the accounts are 529 savings plans or Coverdell Educational Savings Accounts, then the beneficiary can be changed. Georgia parents can specify that the account should only be used for the initially named beneficiary to prevent this from happening.

Ways to reduce stress on children during divorce

There are several things Georgia parents who are ending their marriage can do to make the process less difficult for their children. Primarily, parents should try to approach the divorce as a time of change but not necessarily trauma. It is important that they try to reduce their conflict with one another. They should try to avoid fighting or making negative comments about one another in front of or to the children.

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