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Ways to reduce stress on children during divorce

There are several things Georgia parents who are ending their marriage can do to make the process less difficult for their children. Primarily, parents should try to approach the divorce as a time of change but not necessarily trauma. It is important that they try to reduce their conflict with one another. They should try to avoid fighting or making negative comments about one another in front of or to the children.

Parents should also try to minimize the number of changes that their children have to go through. Not all of these transitions are preventable, but parents should be sensitive to the difficulty and help children work through it.

Parents will be better able to take care of their children's needs if they do not neglect their own, and self-care is also important. Reducing stress means that parents are more likely to be emotionally available for their children.

During a divorce, parents will also need to work out a number of legal issues involving children including arrangements for visitation and support. A more amicable divorce may be less difficult for children, and parents might be happier with agreements they make in this way instead of having a judge decide. However, sometimes one parent is uncooperative or there are other issues such as concerns about abuse that may mean litigation is necessary. Whether a parenting agreement is developed by the parties during out-of-court negotiations or is issued by a judge, a parent can return to court to make changes if necessary. For example, it is necessary to go before a judge if a parental relocation is planned or if the amount paid for support needs to be changed. Parents who are facing these types of issues may want to have the assistance of counsel when seeking a modification.

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