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Why prenuptial agreements are good for many couples

For many couples in Georgia who are looking to get married, a prenuptial agreement could make sense. In a divorce, it may be possible for a judge to divide assets equitably as well as require the person with more money to provide support to the other party in the marriage. However, with a prenuptial or even postnuptial agreement, there may be more predictability as to what happens to assets after a separation.

Such an agreement allows the two people in a marriage to determine how much if any alimony will be paid. It also allows married couples to decide what will happen to property in the event of a separation. Typically, the person who brought an asset into the marriage gets to take it with them when the relationship ends.

A prenuptial agreement can also be helpful when it comes to long-term estate planning. Under state law, it may be possible for a spouse to claim assets if the other spouse passes away. This might go against any plan to distribute assets that the deceased person may have had. With a prenuptial agreement, an individual can express his or her wishes and work to ensure that they are met.

Creating a prenuptial agreement may prevent natural emotions before, during or after a divorce from getting in the way of a reasonable resolution. An attorney may be able to help draft a prenuptial agreement or review any such agreement that already exists. Having such an agreement may make it possible to quickly resolve property division or alimony issues in a timely manner. However, it may not resolve any dispute related to child support or child custody that a couple may have following a divorce.

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