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October 2016 Archives

Child support rules for prisoners

During his final months in office, President Barack Obama is continuing his mission towards U.S. criminal justice system reform, according to reports. One effort involves lowering the amount of child support an incarcerated individual is required to pay, based on his or her actual income while behind bars. If the proposed rule is put in place, incarcerated parents in Georgia may avoid incurring overwhelming amounts of back child support debt.

Managing expectations in a Georgia divorce

A divorce may be an emotional experience for both the adults and the children. However, it is never a good idea for people to allow their emotions to dictate their thought process. For instance, one person may ask the other to leave the marital home immediately to allow another person to live there. An individual's first instinct may be to yell or otherwise get angry.

Money issues that may cause marital problems

Statistics say that up to half of all first marriages end in divorce, and the likelihood of subsequent marriages failing is even higher. One of the most common reasons couples run into marital problems is because of money. Talking about attitudes towards money, financial plans and their own financial situation prior to tying the knot may result in a more successful marriage.

Dealing with the primary residence in a divorce

For many divorcing couples in Georgia, splitting the primary residence will be a major issue during the asset division process. Spouses may claim the residence is separate property if they owned it before getting married. However, matters can become cloudy if marital income was used to pay for repairs and maintenance. Real estate acquired during the course of a marriage is generally considered to be marital property, and it is usually divided equitably during a divorce.

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