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Child support rules for prisoners

During his final months in office, President Barack Obama is continuing his mission towards U.S. criminal justice system reform, according to reports. One effort involves lowering the amount of child support an incarcerated individual is required to pay, based on his or her actual income while behind bars. If the proposed rule is put in place, incarcerated parents in Georgia may avoid incurring overwhelming amounts of back child support debt.

Parents who fail to pay their legally obligated child support risk jail time as a result of their non-compliance. This can be a two-fold problem for former prisoners who were billed for support payments during their incarceration, the Obama administration claims. Those individuals may be subject to re-incarceration. Additionally, a huge debt on a former inmate's record can damper his or her ability to secure gainful employment and reenter society.

Reports indicate that opponents of the proposed rule attempted to block it in 2015 but were unsuccessful. According to the rule's critics, reducing the amount of child support could cause non-custodial parents to shirk their responsibility. The Obama administration disagrees, however, and believes that lowering support payment amounts to better reflect the typically minuscule income of prisoners may reduce the nation's overall recidivism rate.

For many Georgia families, child support payments are a part of life following the end of a marriage. When noncustodial parents are unable to meet their court-ordered obligations for a legitimate reason such as an unexpected job loss, they might want to have legal assistance in filing a petition to modify the required amount.

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