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November 2016 Archives

Student loans during a divorce

Georgia law holds that debt is a marital asset. This means that any debts that are accrued while two people are married is the joint property of the corporate marital entity. At the time of divorce all marital assets and debts will be divided according to state law.

Custody dispute continues between Nicole Curtis, child's father

Georgia viewers of the TV show "Rehab Addict" may be aware that star Nicole Curtis had a child, and she has been engaged in series of custody battles ever since with her 1-year-old son's father. The court cases began when the child's father filed a paternity claim. Curtis then asked for child support and expenses from child care and the birth.

Divorce and retirement

Although the divorce rate in Georgia and the rest of the country has been generally declining, there has still been a substantial increase in marital dissolution among people above the age of 50. This national trend has serious implications for those nearing the age of retirement and attempting to plan for the rest of their lives.

Financial considerations in a Georgia divorce

Money is among the most important issues in both marriage and divorce. The spending and saving habits of spouses can cause problems during the marriage, and financial considerations often drive the divorce process as well. Georgia couples approaching or going through a divorce should keep a close eye on assets and debts to prepare for property division.

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