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Many people seek a January divorce

Family law attorneys in Georgia and around the country are usually extremely busy in January. Divorce filings increase by about a third in the weeks following the new year, but spouses who are thinking of taking this step should be wary of several pitfalls. Decisions made in anger rarely seem prudent when looked at in hindsight, and making choices that cast long and potentially dark shadows should be avoided by individuals who have been left disappointed or stressed by the events of a frantic holiday season.

Divorces filed in anger can also have a detrimental impact on families. Impassioned spouses sometimes seek to gain an advantage in child custody or visitation negotiations by trying to influence their children, and the resulting emotional scars can make building bridges more difficult when passions have subsided. Protracted litigation may be unavoidable when divorcing spouses are being governed by their emotions, and lengthy court battles can be expensive when significant assets are involved.

Experts say that a pragmatic approach should be taken by spouses who are considering a New Year's divorce. Gathering financial information can make it easier to untangle complicated records and investment portfolios, and it could also help spouses and their attorneys to develop coherent strategies and realistic goals before entering into property division or spousal support negotiations.

Experienced family law attorneys may seek to avoid bitter legal disputes by reminding their divorce clients that judges may not always see things the way they do. Georgia's equitable distribution laws require marital property to be divided fairly but not necessarily equally, and fairness is a subjective measure. When traditional negotiations fail to produce an amicable agreement, attorneys may suggest that spouses explore more cooperative dispute resolution approaches such as mediation.

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