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March 2017 Archives

Reasons to get a prenuptial agreement

For many Georgia couples who are planning on getting married, determining whether or not they want to get a prenuptial agreement is just one decision they will have to make. In fact, some couples forgo getting a prenuptial agreement signed because they believe that it indicates that one or both individuals do not believe that the marriage will last. However, there are many positives when it comes to entering into one.

Obtaining child support when a parent leaves the state

Many single Georgia parents rely on child support to provide their children with everything they need to thrive. While many noncustodial parents do their best to pay the child support that they owe on time, others may try to avoid making payments. In cases where noncustodial parents go so far as to leave the state to avoid making payments, they may potentially face legal punishments under the Deadbeat Parents Punishment Act.

Divorces decline for younger couples, increase for older ones

Younger adults in Georgia and throughout the country may have a lower chance of getting divorced compared to previous decades while adults who are 50 and over may be more likely to divorce than in the past. According to the Pew Research Center, while the highest divorce rates are still in the under-50 age group, the number of people in the 25-to-39 age group who divorced in 2015 was 24 per 1,000 married people while in 1990 it was 30. About 10 out of every 1,000 people who were 50 and over got a divorce in 2015, and this was double the number in 1990. At six out of every 1,000 married people, the number of people 65 and older who divorced in 2015 was three times higher than in 1990.

Making a divorce as easy as possible for kids

When a Georgia couple ends their marriage, it can be very difficult and emotional for both people. However, if the couple had children, the divorce can become much more complex. Children normally have very strong and negative reactions to such a situation, so it is important that parents focus on making the process as pain-free as possible. Some of the methods for doing so involve keeping kids away from disagreements and pursuing a mediated divorce.

The value of child support payments in Georgia

According to the Office of Child Support Enforcement, parents paid $32.4 billion in child support through that agency in fiscal 2015. However, significant numbers of parents aren't receiving the child support that they are owed. A 2016 report from the U.S. Census Bureau estimates that women only receive about two-thirds of the support that they are owed, and men only get about three-fourths of the child support they are supposed to receive.

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