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Putting together a separation agreement

Georgia couples whose marriages have run into trouble might want to consider a trial separation. However, before following through, there are a few things couples should address.

If one person in the relationship has primarily dealt with family finances, the other person needs to get familiar with the situation. It may be a good idea to close any joint credit accounts and for each person to apply for separate credit. In addition, the couple might want to put together a formal separation agreement.

Some points the agreement could cover are how marital assets may be divided if the separation ends in a divorce, support for children or either spouse, debt liability during the separation, health and life insurance matters and whether each spouse will waive their rights to an inheritance from the other spouse. For religious or other reasons, some people may decide to remain separated without getting a divorce.

However, others may use the time to decide whether they want to stay together. During this time, it is best to avoid overspending, sharing information about the separation on social media or getting into a new relationship.

After a separation, some couples may decide that a divorce is the right decision for them. If this happens, the couple may want to try to negotiate the terms with the assistance of their respective family law attorneys. This may lead to outcomes that suit them better than the decisions a judge might make. The couple may want to revisit some aspects of their separation agreement and alter some parts, but they may be able to use it as a blueprint for their divorce. Furthermore, if the couple have children, working on conflict resolution may be helpful since they might have years of co-parenting ahead of them. In addition to negotiating custody and visitation plans, parents might want to include a number of other items about how they will raise their children in the parenting agreement.

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