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The flow of communication with children after a divorce

Georgia residents who have children and are going through a divorce might soon become familiar with virtual visitation. Calls, texts, video chatting and e-mails fall under this category of virtual visitation, and technology allows noncustodial parents to spend time with children even when not physically with them.

If parents have visitation rights, custodial parents typically cannot block them from contacting their children. When a custodial parent thinks the other parent is contacting a child too much, a schedule could be created that outlines when and how to contact children along with a plan for resolving disputes.

Blocking communication outright is usually not a good idea, and a parent can ask the court to intervene when denied access to a child. If a parent is harassing a former spouse or a child, then limiting or blocking communication may be necessary. However, one may first wish to speak with a child therapist or counselor. Any examples of excessive contact and the harmful effects of that contact should be documented. This information could be used when creating or modifying a custody order.

Limiting communication could be warranted if a parent has a history of abuse or domestic violence. If something like substance abuse is an issue, then contact might rightfully be prohibited for a period of time. The custodial parent should be prepared to allow the other parent back into a child's life after he or she receives the proper help and treatment.

Generally, a fit parent who wants to be involved in a child's life should be allowed access. Courts want both parents to have a relationship with their children when this is safe, so parents may have to consider whether joint custody is the best option for children. During a divorce, an attorney could help a client negotiate a parenting plan in this regard.

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