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June 2017 Archives

The case for shared parenting

Many Georgia fathers who are going through a divorce would like to remain a significant role in their children's lives. However, U.S. Census data reveals that family law judges in the vast majority of cases give the mother physical custody with the father receiving limited visitation. There are many reasons why fathers shouldn't give up fighting for shared custody of their children.

Tax implications of alimony payments

For Georgia couples who are getting divorced and negotiating alimony payments, the tax implications of such payments might be a major concern. In many cases, alimony payments that are clearly outlined as part of the divorce settlement are deductible for the payer but taxable to the recipient.

How child custody can impact a tax return

When Georgia parents of minor children end their marriage, most likely the last thing that they are thinking about is the IRS. However, it may be a good idea to understand the different ways that having custody of a child could impact a person's tax situation. For instance, the parent who claims a child as a dependent on a tax return might be entitled to the earned income credit or the child tax credit.

A husband's jobs status may affect the likelihood of divorce

For Georgia couples, the likelihood of divorce may be higher if the husband does not have a full-time job. These were the findings of a sociology professor at Harvard University who examined data on 6,309 couples from the years 1968 to 2013. Of those, 1,684 divorced or separated permanently.

Communication and sensitivity help kids through divorce

When parents in Georgia choose to end their marriage, their concerns naturally turn to their children. Although the disruption to the family will present challenges, parents can consciously guide their children through the transition. Consistent communication and awareness of children's emotions could enable parents to maintain a healthy parent-child bond into the future.

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