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Communication and sensitivity help kids through divorce

When parents in Georgia choose to end their marriage, their concerns naturally turn to their children. Although the disruption to the family will present challenges, parents can consciously guide their children through the transition. Consistent communication and awareness of children's emotions could enable parents to maintain a healthy parent-child bond into the future.

Communication begins by informing the children of the divorce as soon as possible. The disclosure will spare the children from reaching their own conclusions and perhaps blaming themselves for what is happening between their parents. Parents must emphasize that the divorce does not end their role parental role. Communication should be ongoing as parents check in with their kids during the divorce process. Reassurance about parental love should be given frequently. If children have a particularly hard time, seeking the help of a therapist could manage the situation.

As the divorce happens, parents need to allow their children space to grieve. Patience is essential during the transition as everyone gets used to new schedules and living arrangements. Children should never be involved in the battles between parents. The children should not hear negative comments about the other parent or be used to manipulate an ex-spouse.

As a person manages the emotional aspects of divorce at home, an attorney could handle the divorce's legal issues. An attorney could write the filings for the court and offer advice during negotiations for the terms of the divorce settlement. The person could learn about rights to certain assets like retirement savings and real estate. An attorney could also explain how child support could be calculated and inform the person about important issues to address in the co-parenting plan. Throughout the process, an attorney could urge the person to consider compromises instead of focusing on old hostilities.

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