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The case for shared parenting

Many Georgia fathers who are going through a divorce would like to remain a significant role in their children's lives. However, U.S. Census data reveals that family law judges in the vast majority of cases give the mother physical custody with the father receiving limited visitation. There are many reasons why fathers shouldn't give up fighting for shared custody of their children.

Advocates for shared parenting are becoming legion. It's a slow process, but it gives fathers the hope that they need to not give up trying to secure shared parenting rights for their children. Many states are considering legislation that would make joint physical custody the norm, and a few have already enacted these types of laws.

There has been research conducted showing that it's in the best interest for children to share time with both parents instead of spending the majority of their time with one parent over the other. Lawyers with the Association of Family and Conciliation Courts as well as other studies have indicated that the stress level of children is lowered when shared parenting is in place. In some situations, sole custody can be devastating for children as they sometimes see more fights between the parents. However, there are situations where shared parenting might not be appropriate, as when one of the parents has a drug or alcohol problem or a history of domestic violence.

Situations that arise where the father wants shared custody can be handled by a family law attorney. In some cases, the attorney can help to negotiate an appropriate parenting agreement. If this isn't possible, motions can be filed with the court having jurisdiction.

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