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July 2017 Archives

Halting a divorce to prevent a loss of health care

Although it is always difficult for Georgia couples to determine that divorce is the best option, some are halting their plans due to the uncertain future of healthcare. If the ACA is repealed, for example, some people may not be able to get healthcare insurance if they get divorced.

Choosing a military career increases chance of divorce

Jobs demand the attention of people in Georgia as much as relationships, and certain careers place more strain on marriages than others. A study of U.S. Census data conducted by a career website identified military work as particularly stressful on relationships among people under 30. Military members of any rank experienced the greatest likelihood of divorce among young people, with 15 percent of them ending their marriages by age 30.

Myths about divorce

Many Georgia couples who are ending their marriage receive advice from friends and family members. While usually well-intentioned, it is often wrong, and following it could lead to some problems.

Divorce and dividing a 401(k)

If a Georgia couple is getting a divorce and one has a 401(k), both parties may be entitled to a portion of the account in the propery division phase. However, it is not possible to assign a 401(k) to another person. Therefore, the account must be divided. In order to avoid a significant tax penalty, it is necessary to first complete a document known as a qualified domestic relations order.

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