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Choosing a military career increases chance of divorce

Jobs demand the attention of people in Georgia as much as relationships, and certain careers place more strain on marriages than others. A study of U.S. Census data conducted by a career website identified military work as particularly stressful on relationships among people under 30. Military members of any rank experienced the greatest likelihood of divorce among young people, with 15 percent of them ending their marriages by age 30.

Three out of the top 10 careers most associated with divorce were military occupations. First-line enlisted military supervisors who must lead operations and coordinate personnel had a divorce rate of 30 percent, the highest of any career. An economic analyst who specializes in personal finance said that service members struggle to maintain marriages because of extensive time away from spouses, danger and sometimes insufficient pay.

Long deployments add to the chances of marriages failing because service members who are separated from their spouses have higher divorce rates than those who do not deploy. Other factors contributing to relationship troubles include people getting married too young and moving frequently. The strain of depression and post-traumatic stress among war veterans also damages relationships.

When a person reaches the end of a marriage, legal advice could inform the person about rights to property and access to children. An attorney could look at the person's financial situation and describe how the law could guide the division of marital property and calculation of child support and maybe spousal support. Disputes between the ex-spouses might be resolved by the negotiation efforts of an attorney or by litigating the issues in court. During the development of the divorce settlement, an attorney could write the documents and offer insights that help the person make decisions that protect financial and family interests.

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