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How estranged couples can prepare for mediation

For Georgia couples who are going through a divorce or who are considering a modification to an existing child custody or child support order, mediation could be a good option. This dispute resolution method allows couples to work together to make their own decisions about property division and other family law matters. While this method is already lower-key than litigation, former couples can still get the process to move faster if they prepare.

One of the most important things that couples can do prior to starting mediation is to prepare and organize financial paperwork. This is particularly important if former couples intend to discuss property, alimony and child support. Documentation should include the value of any real estate, vehicles and other items that were obtained during the marriage. Having real, concrete numbers also allows the mediation process to be more productive as the couples can work towards a solution.

The couples should also be prepared to keep their emotions in check. While this may seem obvious, dissolving a marriage and talking about splitting time with the children can be an emotional process. If needed, both individuals should understand that it is okay to take a step back for a few moments and recollect themselves before continuing the discussion.

Even if a former couple is already divorced, mediation can still be an acceptable option for those who wish to deal with family legal issues without involving the court. For example, former couples may meet in mediation to discuss a new parenting plan if the original one no longer meets the children's needs. Even though attorneys are generally not in the mediation room when negotiations take place, each party is entitled to have separate legal representation during the process.

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