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How to get back child support

When custodial parents in Georgia ask for child support, they may also be entitled to back support. To get back support, parents must be able to establish that expenses were paid for the benefit of the child. If there is an informal agreement in place, custodial parents must show that support was not paid and that there was an effort to collect it.

Furthermore, it may be necessary to show that a male parent was aware of his obligation to pay. Courts may accept alternate forms of payment such as providing clothing or food in lieu of cash if a noncustodial parent was unable to provide it. While noncustodial parents should keep records of all expenses related to raising a child, it may be possible to show proof of support provided without exact figures. This may be possible if a witness was around when an agreement was made between parents.

It should be noted that a parent is not automatically entitled to back support. If a court determines that a parent can't pay it, he or she will likely not be responsible for doing so. State law may also play a role in determining how much back support is available and how much a custodial parent may receive. Ultimately, an order will be made that is in the best interest of the child.

Those who are seeking child support from a noncustodial parent may benefit from seeking legal counsel. This may make it possible to learn more about how to collect back support or how to recover any support that is past due. An attorney may also help a parent collect evidence such as receipts for food, clothing or other purchases made to benefit a child.

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