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Consistent rules in parents' homes may help children

Georgia couples who decide to get divorced and who have children may have multiple issues that they need to resolve. In addition to trying to figure out how to divide their property and other assets, the parents will need to determine how child custody and parenting time will be allocated. They may also need to determine support issues. In addition to all of these things, it is important for them to try to make certain that their children will be protected.

Children whose parents are going through divorces often are anxious about how their lives are changing. One way to help them to handle this is to make certain that the rules and expectations of both parents are consistent. When parents have different parenting styles, this may be more difficult to negotiate, but it is an important goal.

Parents may want to talk about all sorts of rules for their children and reach agreements about the ones that they will use in their homes. This may include agreements about how many hours of television or other screen time that will be allowed each night. It might also include using the same bedtimes for the children as well as the same homework schedules.

Children are much more likely to adjust to their parents' divorces when there is consistency between both homes. Parents should try to set aside the bitter emotions that they might feel and instead focus on what is in the best interests of the child. An experienced family law attorney may assist a parent with considering what is in the child's best interests from a logical perspective. This may help the client to be able to negotiate an effective child custody and parenting plan that is most likely to help the child to grow to be a well-adjusted adult.

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