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Divorce may be the best choice when marriages become toxic

Choosing to end a marriage is rarely a decision that is taken lightly, and married couples in Georgia will generally try to work through their problems before taking legal action. However, there are situations where delaying divorce proceedings could place spouses or their children at risk either emotionally or physically. Spouses sometimes remain in relationships that are broken beyond repair because they hope that things will get better, but research suggests that this can often do more harm than good.

Growing alcohol consumption or drug use could be a sign that a marriage is in trouble, and spouses who refuse to admit that they have a problem and behave truculently when confronted set a bad example for their children and sometimes become violent. Toxic environments rarely improve without intervention, and being served with a divorce filing could prompt self-destructive spouses to face their problems and take control of their lives.

Studies have found that remaining in relationships that are no longer fulfilling to shield children from the emotional trauma of the divorce process can be counterproductive. Parents who have ended irretrievably broken marriages often develop stronger bonds with their children, but children who are raised in environments where conflict is common can go on to have relationship problems of their own in their adult lives.

Discussions over thorny matters like alimony and property division can become contentious even when spouses are working together toward an amicable settlement, and family law attorneys will generally seek to get negotiations back on track in these situations to avoid costlylitigation. However, a more rigorous approach to legal action may be necessary when threats have been made or acts of physical violence have been committed.

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