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When divorce is the answer

Georgia parents who are struggling with keeping their marriage together might wonder if divorce is the only answer. While most marriages go through times of stress, some are able to overcome it, while for others divorce might be the best option, particularly if the issues the couple is facing are affecting their children in a very negative way.

According to a former relationship coach, a strong reason to pursue a divorce is abuse. If people find themselves in a verbally, emotionally or physically abusive relationship, divorce might be the best option, even if the couple have tried counseling. Divorce might also be the answer for couples who can still appreciate each other but have simply drifted and grown so far apart that they cannot see a common goal in their future. This is true as well for people who are considering cheating or have been unfaithful already.

Another reason to seek divorce is when the couple have attempted counseling and just cannot seem to get along. In such cases, particularly if there are children in the relationship, divorce might be the best course of action, since the constant strife between the parents can have a deep and long-lasting impact on the children. If the couple is able to pursue an amicable divorce, their settlement negotiations might also be more relaxed, with the common objective of everyone being able to move on with their lives.

Because divorce affects the whole family, negotiations can sometimes be stressful and prone to breaking down. In such an event, an attorney for one of the spouses might suggest mediation as an alternative way to reach an accord.

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