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When parents postpone divorce for the children

Georgia parents who are considering ending their marriage might be concerned about how the divorce will affect their children. While it can be stressful for children, there are pros and cons about staying together for their sake.

Some couples may not have exhausted the possibilities for saving their marriage. They might still be in counseling or have other ways to repair the relationship. When there are young children involved, the parents may want to wait until they have examined the real problems in the relationship to see if they can be repaired. Some couples might also be better off together than apart. It is important to look at the financial and other costs of a divorce. It is also important for parents to realize that divorce can have an adverse affect on their children including increasing the likelihood that the kids will go on to divorce at some point as well. However, parents must weigh this knowledge with their ability to give up on having a fulfilling marriage for the sake of family stability.

In some situations, divorce may be the better choice. An abusive relationship is one of those situations. However, it might also be the better choice if parents are simply unable to get along, if the conflict is obvious to children or if divorcing would make parents happier. Children respond to the amount of stress parents are under.

The circumstances under which the divorce occur may also affect how the process progresses. For example, if the marriage is ending because of abuse, the victim may not want the abusive parent to have access to the child or might only want supervised custody for that parent. If the divorce is relatively amicable, parents might agree to share custody and may be able to work out a plan for property division instead of going to court.

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