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The implications of divorce on new stepfamilies

Divorced Georgia residents who are thinking about getting married again might be interested in finding out how divorce is affecting new step-families, as divorce and remarriage continue to increase. In fact, a University of Massachusetts study found that one-third of the households headed by adults younger than 55 include one stepparent. Similarly, in families with parents who are older than 55 and who have adult children, there is a stepchild in 33 percent of the cases.

The end of a marriage often means a new beginning and a blended family for many. A major positive of larger, blended families include an increase in the number of adult children that elderly parents can depend on. However, these blended families often can also mean weakened familial bonds and questions can arise as to the stepparent and stepchild responsibilities within the family.

According to the study, stepparents find themselves questioning how much time and money they should spend on their biological children versus their stepchildren, and these can become more complicated and create conflict as children age and go to college. Similarly, adult children might wonder if when their stepparent needs help, such as going to the doctor, their responsibility is the same as to their biological parent.

The study also looked at how families invest their time on each other and compared traditional and stepfamilies. In stepfamilies with adult children, the study found, parents invested 11 percent less time on their children and received 13 percent less time from their children. While the study's findings point to drawbacks experienced by stepfamilies, there are many that are very close and supportive of each other. Some of the possible drawbacks might also be addressed by the couple's respective family law attorneys during divorce negotiations.

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