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When divorce is the answer

Georgia parents who are struggling with keeping their marriage together might wonder if divorce is the only answer. While most marriages go through times of stress, some are able to overcome it, while for others divorce might be the best option, particularly if the issues the couple is facing are affecting their children in a very negative way.

Consistent rules in parents' homes may help children

Georgia cojuples who decide to get divorced and who have children may have multiple issues that they need to resolve. In addition to trying to figure out how to divide their property and other assets, the parents will need to determine how child custody and parenting time will be allocated. They may also need to determine support issues. In addition to all of these things, it is important for them to try to make certain that their children will be protected.

Shared parenting benefits moms, dads and kids

When Georgia parents of young children go through a divorce, the court often gives primary physical custody to the mother. While many mothers often request it, they may quickly learn that not only is it taxing to have to raise the children completely on their own, they now are relying on child support to pay for expenses. Getting back into the workforce can be extremely difficult if not impossible, especially if the children are still young.

The case for shared parenting

Many Georgia fathers who are going through a divorce would like to remain a significant role in their children's lives. However, U.S. Census data reveals that family law judges in the vast majority of cases give the mother physical custody with the father receiving limited visitation. There are many reasons why fathers shouldn't give up fighting for shared custody of their children.

How child custody can impact a tax return

When Georgia parents of minor children end their marriage, most likely the last thing that they are thinking about is the IRS. However, it may be a good idea to understand the different ways that having custody of a child could impact a person's tax situation. For instance, the parent who claims a child as a dependent on a tax return might be entitled to the earned income credit or the child tax credit.

The flow of communication with children after a divorce

Georgia residents who have children and are going through a divorce might soon become familiar with virtual visitation. Calls, texts, video chatting and e-mails fall under this category of virtual visitation, and technology allows noncustodial parents to spend time with children even when not physically with them.

The benefits of co-parenting after a divorce in Georgia

It's well-known that divorces are often tough for the children involved, but in some cases, things are made harder by the actions of parents. Parents may decide that they never want to see their ex again or speak negatively about their ex to the kids. This will only cause problems for the children who may feel guilty or in a tough spot.

Considerations that should be made before relocating

In some Georgia child custody cases, parents will want to move after a custody and visitation order has issued. Sometimes they do so to be closer to a new partner. In other cases, they may want to move for a job or to be closer to their immediate family members.

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