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3 things to know about filing a workers’ compensation claim

If you suffer an injury while on the job, you likely can have the injury covered through workers’ compensation. Your employer carries this insurance coverage. It is a no-fault system where you can receive payment for medical expenses and possibly time off work, depending on your injury. To make a workers’ compensation claim in Georgia, you need to make sure that you file correctly. 

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation explains that to file a claim, you have to use the right form and make sure that it gets to the correct people. If you do not file your claim correctly, then you run the risk of not qualifying for benefits or having your benefits denied because time is of the essence when filing for workers’ compensation. Here are three things to know when filing your claim.  

  1. You must file a WC-14

You must fill out the WC-14 claim form completely. Make sure that any paperwork you receive to file a claim is marked WC-14. If you try to file a different form, it will not result in benefits. Also, make sure to include all information requested. An incomplete form could result in a denial.  

  1. You can get the form from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation

If you need to get a WC-14 form, you can request one from the State Board of Workers’ Compensation. You can get the form on the Board’s website if you have a computer and printer. You may also get the form by calling the Board or writing to them.  

  1. You need to know your employer’s insurer

Once you complete the WC-14 form, you need to make sure that you give a copy to your employers. You also must provide a copy to your employer’s insurance company. If you need to find the insurer’s information, the Board can assist you with that. Make sure to file the original form with the Board to properly file your claim.  

If you make a mistake in the initial claim filing process, it could impact your benefits. Make sure that you follow all the requirements.  

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