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Our Professional Estate Planning Practice

We can assist with your needs regarding estate planning or probate counsel. Whether you need to protect your financial interests and the security of your family, or administer the estate of a loved one who has passed away, we offer skilled, experienced and comprehensive legal counsel.

Our firm’s founder, Margaret Gettle Washburn, is an accomplished lawyer with over 35 years of legal experience. She is the current Chief Judge of the city of Sugar Hill and is a past president of the Georgia Council of Municipal Court Judges and the Gwinnett County Bar Association.

All of our attorneys and legal staff use their extensive experience and knowledge to protect the interests of our clients in all aspects of estate planning. Speak with us to learn about the legal tools that can help you reach your objectives.

Create A Thorough Plan Based On Your Needs

We believe that it is critical for our clients to secure their assets, their families and their futures through effective estate plans. We serve clients of all financial means, including high net worth individuals in need of sophisticated estate plans to facilitate wealth transfers that limit tax consequences.

We draft the following documents, among many others, for our clients:

  • Wills and other essential estate planning tools
  • Trusts to effectuate wealth transfers, charitable distributions, special needs planning for children and adults, and other goals
  • Business succession plans and related documents
  • Asset protection vehicles
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Advance medical directives

Whether your needs are simple or complex, we will navigate you through the estate planning process and create an appropriate estate plan to achieve your short-term and long-term wishes.

Without sufficient estate planning, your surviving loved ones would likely face difficult, lengthy probate proceedings before receiving inheritance. While our firm aims to help our clients strategically plan their estate to provide for their beneficiaries, we also help families and personal representatives navigate the probate process or will contests.

Shape Your Loved Ones’ Future Before They Need It

In many cases, our clients’ primary goal is to make sure that their family receives the right support and can share in their legacy. We can provide you with the resources to do so. Please call our Lawrenceville office at 770-637-8695 or fill out this form to schedule a confidential legal consultation to discuss your estate planning or probate needs.

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