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Create The Bedrock Of Your Estate Plan

A last will and testament and trusts are often the foundation of an estate plan. These essential legal instruments can help you convey your wishes after you are gone and leave a gift for your loved ones. Because of the importance of these documents, it is important that they are created with the help of a knowledgeable lawyer.

At Margaret Gettle Washburn, P.C., we help people across the Atlanta metropolitan area with the entire estate planning process. Our lawyers can help you with not only a basic will and trust but also more complex estate planning matters and probate proceedings. You can learn more about how our firm can help you by calling us at 770-637-8695.

Understanding The Importance Of A Will

Every adult should have a will that lays out how to settle their affairs if they pass away. This need to have a will is even more pressing for parents and people who own significant assets, like a home or business. Without a will, your loved ones may be unsure of what to do with your property or what kind of funeral arrangements you would prefer.

Not knowing how to handle your affairs can be emotionally devastating for families. Disputes can occur over how to divide assets, which lead to prolonged probate proceedings and the loss of estate funds. A will allows you to clearly lay out your wishes and assure your family on how to honor your memory.

Trusts Can Help Be A Helpful Tool

A trust is a legal arrangement that allows a third-party fiduciary to manage and hold assets on behalf of a beneficiary. This arrangement is beneficial because the assets that are managed by the beneficiary are a legally separate entity that does not have to go through probate and may be able to minimize some taxes. Our knowledgeable estate planning attorneys can review your finances and goals to determine if a trust would be beneficial.

Learn More By Speaking With An Attorney

You can learn more about if a trust or will would be helpful by contacting our law firm. Call our Lawrenceville office now at 770-637-8695 or send us an email to schedule your first meeting.

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