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Georgia couple killed on trip to college football season opener

Every time a driver in Georgia takes to the road, there are inherent risks that are involved. That is why things like motor vehicle insurance are required for a driver to legally operate a vehicle on the road. There are safety tips and tricks that can protect passengers and drivers, but sometimes the combination of the speed, the weather and the road prove to be too much for even the safest driver. According to the New York Daily News, this appears to be the case with a couple who was recently killed in a hydroplaning accident on their way to a football game. 

The couple set out to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary with a trip to the Louisiana State versus Georgia Southern University season opening football game. While they were driving their vehicle hydroplaned and the car hit the center median and a tree. The wife died at the hospital later while the husband was killed instantly on the scene. 

All three of their children are currently students at Georgia Southern University, and while fundraising sites have been set up to help cover medical and burial costs, reports say that the children are reeling from the loss of their parents. Both Georgia Southern University and Louisiana State University have released statements of support to the community and the family as the couple is laid to rest rather than celebrating their trip of a lifetime. 

While some car accidents are unavoidable, there are times where road conditions or even the vehicle is responsible for the accident. Regardless, many families rely on insurance payments to handle their medical bills after an accident. Those who have been in an accident may benefit from speaking to a personal injury attorney to increase their chances of getting the compensation they need. 

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