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Inexperienced drivers and bicycle accidents

From bad weather to chaotic traffic, bicycle crashes happen for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes, drivers may be very aggressive behind the wheel, driving too close to bicyclists and eventually colliding with one. In other instances, a driver may collide with a bicyclist because they are inexperienced. There are many reasons why drivers struggle due to a lack of experience, whether they are young and recently started driving or they are not familiar with a certain type of vehicle (such as a pickup truck or even a semi). Sadly, these accidents can be fatal, and many bicyclists have been seriously hurt. 

An inexperienced driver may have a hard time paying attention to various hazards on the road and they may struggle to watch out for bicyclists, pedestrians and other vehicles due to their lack of familiarity with driving. They may ignore traffic signs accidentally and they may fail to yield, for example. This can be especially problematic in certain areas, such as communities that see heavy traffic and have many busy intersections. 

When someone is struck by an inexperienced driver, they may not be able to associate the driver’s lack of experience with the accident. However, it is important to pore over all of the details of the wreck, especially if a bike crash victim is thinking about filing a lawsuit. There may be multiple factors to think about and these details could have a major impact on the outcome of a lawsuit. Our law firm sympathizes with bike accident victims and their loved ones, and we believe that these victims deserve support from a legal standpoint. 

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