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3 important rights you have as an employee

If you suffer an injury at work in Georgia, you have some specific rights under the workers’ compensation system. It is essential that you know and understand all of your rights so that you can ensure you receive the correct treatment. Knowing the rules also helps you make sure you know what to expect and do what you must to collect benefits.

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation explains that if you suffer an injury while on the job, you have the right to collect benefits under workers’ compensation. You need to first file a claim. If you need treatment right away, though, you may receive that. Here are three other rights of which to be aware.

  1. The right to a weekly benefit if you cannot do your prior job

If you can return to work but you cannot return to the same position, then you may get reduced benefits for up to 350 weeks. The general benefit, if you cannot return to work at all, is two-thirds of your average weekly pay. You can keep getting the full amount as long as you have a total disability for up to 400 weeks. If you suffer a catastrophic injury, you may receive benefits longer than 400 weeks.

  1. The right to medical care coverage

You have the right to payment for any medical care you need for your injury. Catastrophic injuries may qualify you for lifetime benefits. Other injuries have a 400-week limit.

  1. The right to see any doctor in an emergency

If you need emergency treatment, then you can see whatever doctor is available. In other situations, you must use doctors from the employer-approved list.

Knowing your rights is essential to ensure that you get the most from your workers’ compensation benefits. It will also help you to avoid mistakes that could end up with a claim denial.

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